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fourth mystic arte • {video}

[This is Jade. Jade is, surprisingly enough, in a hospital gown, looking uncharacteristically displeased with his current predicament. However, he is here to report on his findings, and report he shall.]

So a recent experiment has led me to the conclusion that one, indeed, does not perish upon mortal injury on this planet. Much like the creatures themselves, the humans and other inhabitants have inherited this similar ability... However, I've been assured that breaking of bones and other injuries do not have those same qualities to be healed with a potion or healing arte, much to anyone's dismay...

[So he didn't break his arm, at least. But that leads him into a small sigh, straightening a little in the bed. Honestly, he's sure he's fine now but he's too comfortable to get up.]

With that out of the way, I've noticed that a certain red-headed troublemaker by the name of Luke fon Fabre does not seem to be with us anymore. It's for the better, honestly, seeing as he was a little... unique. ['Special snowflake', is more like it, but Jade's being as close to nice as he can get for someone who just died. He shrugs his shoulders lightly, a small smile on his face. Secretly, he is glad Luke has returned home, but it is very secret.]

Unfortunately, not much else to report. I think I shall conclude here.

[Private to Dist]
Also, Saphir, when you're available, you wouldn't mind making a run to the library in this city, would you? Seeing as you've been here so long to become a Goldenrod expert, I'll need a bit of assistance. [Also known as 'come visit me, bring me a book, Jade is bored'.]
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Wait a minute - what kind of experiment was this?! I mean, you-

[You're hospitalized, she's about to blurt out, before she stops herself. What she says next isn't much better, though]

What made you think that testing out death was a good idea?

[She doesn't know the guy, so maybe this isn't any of her business. But how can she ignore an "experiment" like this?]
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Re: [video]

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[Her eyes narrow - how can he be laughing at something like this?! She glowers at the screen, and off-camera, her hand balls into a fist.]

And was it worth it?

[Her icy tone shows that she doesn't think so.]